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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Have I been overcharged?
If you have received compensation for an injury resulting from an accident in the past, a majority of Solicitors will have deducted a 25% fee from the compensation damages awarded to you as a success fee. If this happened to you, in most cases it will mean you were overcharged.
2. How have I been overcharged?
The success fee deducted should have been assessed in regard to the amount of work undertaken by the Solicitor in dealing with your claim and not simply based on the amount awarded to you.
3. How much have I been overcharged?

The Solicitor should have produced and sent to you a bill setting out the work undertaken in dealing with your claim and from the cost of the work undertaken, confirm the amount being deducted from your compensation damages as a success fee. The amount deducted would have been set out and agreed in your Conditional Fee Agreement but limited to 25% inclusive of vat in any event.

Awarded £5000 compensation
Solicitor deducted 25% of damages as success fee (minus £1250)
so you received = £3750
Solicitors Bill was £1800
Solicitor should have deducted 25% of the overall Bill as a success fee (minus £450) so you should have received £4550.

An overcharge of £800

4. Why choose us?

We work alongside a firm of Solicitors who specialise in reclaiming overcharged success fees on a no win no fee basis to ensure our clients get back what they are owed.

 We provide a hassle free process and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to fulfil the needs of our customers in claiming back what is rightfully theirs.

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